Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beatty's Club Lambs | You Pick the Buck Online Ewe Sale

We appreciate you viewing our first You Pick the Buck online sale! With full-time jobs and a new baby we are trying to keep our flock numbers as feasible as possible, therefore we are offering a select group of ewes for sale that have been extremely productive throughout their duration here. These 14 are tough to let go of when we look back at the contributions they've made to our program over the years, however, we wanted to offer females that have performed well and will continue to do so in their new homes. We want to set the standards high for our inaugural ewe sale and we will strive to up the ante year after year. These ewes all lambed in 2014, raised their lambs and had milk on both sides at that time. We also checked bags after drying up and did not find any problems at that time. We welcome your questions regarding these females or the buck line-up we have available to AI to. Feel free to give us a call to discuss further.         

                                                 -Greg, Jamie, & Stetson Beatty


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