Sunday, March 30, 2014

From Dave Vansickle | Dr. Who Heifer For Sale

Here is a dang nice Dr. Who x Heatwave x Angus fall born heifer for sale. She is a November and could be a major player in that division at junior nationals as well as all the fall majors. If you could blog this for me I would appreciate it.
Dave Vansickle

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mullikin & Fine Brothers Online Sale | Closes Tonight

Thank You

Special thanks to all buyers and bidders on our 3rd Annual FAB FIVE Online Show Lamb Sale! Good luck with your purchases. We look forward to working with you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mike Musselman Facebook Post

The FAB FIVE | Lot 1

Tag 1 - "Shroyer" Wether

Breeder: Karr Club Lambs

It is always tough to determine which lamb deserves to be Tag 1. Last year Tag 1 went on to be named Grand Champion Market Lamb at the Minnesota State there are some big shoes to fill. We feel this wether has the potential to win any state fair! Square racked, wide loined, big hipped and expressive from behind; and he ties his power together so smoothly into an upfronted, shallow bodied, level designed package. Plus he is great structured and perfect on his feet and legs. Just a touch greener today than some, but we like that about him. He will get better every day that you own him and he will be 12 o'clock when it counts!!

CLICK HERE to View Sale and Place Bids


The FAB FIVE | Lot 2

Tag 2 - "Rush" x (Night Moves x Jester) Ewe Lamb

Breeder: Junk Family Club Lambs

Never before have we offered a ewe lamb on The Fab 5 Sale, but never before have we had one like this! We have been fortunate to have had many state fair and major winners pass through our barn over the years, but this may very well be the best sheep to ever step foot on the place at this stage of the game. Big time power, bone, and handle, but what sets her apart is her shallow body design, round rib cage, and the absolutely deadly look she gives you from any angle. Impeccable balance and flawless structure...She is no joke!!! We are glad to be able to offer her to you.

CLICK HERE to View Sale and Place Bids

The FAB FIVE | Lot 3

Tag 3 - "Pimp Juice" Wether

Breeder: Schmillen Show Lambs

I don't like to throw the word "freak" around because usually there are some poor attributes that go along with the one crazy good trait. However this guy is so dangerously good in so many areas we think he's Freaky good. Extremely shallow chested, a killer look, and the power and muscle expression to take you to the top. What is going to separate him from the pack though is his handle. Hard to describe how well this guy meets your hand with his shape, tone, and a paper-thin tight hide. He is destined for the winner's circle, the only question left is- "Who will be holding him?"

CLICK HERE to View Sale and Place Bids

Quickle Club Lambs Online Sale | Bidding Now Open

The FAB FIVE | Lot 4

Tag 4 - "Gentleman's Choice" Wether

Breeder: Grays Club Lambs

Place your bets ladies and gentlemen!! This guy is one good sheep and he is a sure bet! He is stout boned, shaggy legged, powerfully muscled, and still good balanced and attractive. Study this guy close- he is not extreme in any one area, but he is so complete and fault-free that it will be hard for any judge in the Northern Hemisphere to beat him. Don't count your poker chips, just push them all to the center of the table because we are all in on this one!

CLICK HERE to View Sale and Place Bids

The FAB FIVE | Lot 5

Tag 5 - "Who Know's" Wether

Breeder: Hiesdorffer Dorsets

Don't bother refreshing the page...Yes this a Dorset! No sixth man benchwarmer; this guy has earned the starting job fair and square. Another first here for the Fab 5, but he's not just another Dorset, just look at his fat legs! This dude is sharp fronted, deadly level in his design, big racked and good loined, and he handles like a dream. If you want to guarantee yourself a ticket to the big dance, this may be the best way to get there. He may not beat all the blackface at the end of the day...but they will definitely know he was there!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

From Blake Hoefling (Hinton, Iowa)

Heat Wave heifer out of a Tazz cow (she is a daughter of the Texas Hold 'Em heifer we bought and showed from your Dad). We are getting some nice calves if you would have any interest for your sales. Thanks.  -Blake Hoefling

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Closing Tonight: Gray/Junk Family Club Lambs Online Sale

Mericle Show Lambs | Facebook Post

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU!!!! to all the bidders and buyers on this set of lambs. Also want to tip my hat to SSP!!! Heck of of job Ryan Habeger and Noll Ernst. Also want to thank the people involved in helping get ready for the open house, as well Mittag Design for taking the pictures. Averaged 1150 on 7 head! Look for Mericle Show Lambs @ Black and White and Corp 1 sale this spring. Also stay tuned for Mericle Show Lambs sale Round 2 hosted by
— with Jolynn Proffitt Ernst, Tucker Mittag and Ryan Habeger.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

From Mericle Show Lambs (Bedford, Iowa)

Updated bid board Sunday evening.

Thanks to everyone who attended our Open House! Our online sale closes Monday night (March 10) at

From Mark "Flip" Ball (Rockport, Missouri)

Dr. Who - Donor #5